Saturday, December 04, 2010

What makes for a good comeback post…?

....or should i say a Rebirth post? Coz i've been away so long it hardly seems like just a comeback after a break....
But then, this place for me a home of sorts, and don't we all always "come back" to home, no matter how much time may have passed? :) Ever heard anybody saying "reborn" or "resurrected" at home? Coz home is where we always stay matter the actual presence...
Don't we? :)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quote of the Month. Original.

"One of the good things about living alone is that you can throw stuff around whenever you are frustrated, and nobody would say anything....but the irony is, you yourself gotta pick it all up later and set it right. "

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Would have loved to put a lovely title

...but I'm in serious hurry right now. Another hiatus, a new place away from home...and one whole year to study for one of those pre-med exams. And my hostel, well, it's more like 3 star jail. Alright, I'll have more time to bitch about that later. So yeah, i'll next update whenever I can, thanks for reading and commenting and all that.
Mmwah. Love and peace, people. :)

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Desktop Shot

I never knew I loved my desk so much.

Am gonna miss not seeing this when away from home :(

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nailpaint, OJ, and Hiatus

Notice the contrast between the black and the orange. Cool, yeah? :D

(BestFriend said blood would have been better instead of juice, and I threw a marble vase at him. Hypothetically, of course. :P
Like I happened to enlighten somebody who asked about him, he’s actually a very nice guy who sometimes says wise stuff after…like…getting hit on the head with a football during a game, or something like that. But that is less often and so he’s usually at the receiving end of all my hypothetical violence. :D )
(Oh and by the way, the pictures are mine.)

I had a full-blown nostalgia trip a few days back. Went to school for some work and it was like- Whoa. They’re going on just the same even with all of us not in it anymore. But that was a fleeting weird thought. So I came back home and decided to bring some order to the chaos in the universe. Now I’m the kind of person who can’t stand clutter AT ALL. Even if the clutter consists of precious objects. And sorting / organizing stuff is almost therapeutic, next only to shopping (which translates to bringing in more stuff to be organized. : | Uh. Ain’t life so paradoxical? ).

So I sorted re-sorted and organized re-organized all my skool stuff- questionpapers, tests, random notes passes in class, scribblings and idle doodles, poetry drafts, keepsakes from trips with friends and a whole lot of other unclassified stuff accumulated from the past three years or so- into neat paper-clipped sheaves, then envelopes and dustproof seal-able folders and stowed it all away out of sight in the hinterlands of the closet.

Yeah, I’m emotional like that. But it felt better. Like, now my future biographers would have no difficulty at all in reconstructing in total detail the story of my life even if I happen to grow into an 85 year old amnesiac eccentric old woman. :( That’s a morbid thought I know.

Oh. What in sweet hell is the point of this post? It is this. I’m going on a break from blogging till some of the entrance examinations I gotta give get over. And that’s gonna take two months at least. Might be blogging intermittently and replying to comments.
Funny part is, people go on hiatuses between blogging. And I, apparently, blog between hiatuses. : / Yeah whatever.

However, I’ll be Twitter-ing and updating upon the general state of the world around me and so I put its widget right here on the sidebar *points* . So keep checking back. Or follow me on twitter. (You could comment on the twitters in this post's comment page, if you would like to.)

There’s no point probably even in informing about this since nobody is like dying to read what I write anyways. But if somebody actually is, *pauses to blow delicately at her fingernails* I have some other alternatives for ‘em:

  • Go check out Tumblr and Plurk. Pretty cool, both of them. Miniblogging services, with Tumbler being the more advanced cousin. Plurk is almost like twitter but has a really delightful interface and an actual timeline that’s totally worth checking out. Tell me if you join so I could add you to my network. (As of now, Plurk appears to be open only to invites. This was not so the time I joined that. So if you can't wait to join that, drop me a line and I'll send you an invite.)
  • De-clutter your own life.
  • Write eulogies and sorrowful poetry dedicated to remembrances of me :P (Okay, that was a farji random suggestion. )
  • Add goodness to somebody’s life. In any way.
  • Spend more time OUT THERE than in virtual reality.
  • Make a to-do list and complete it.
  • Then repeat the above process until you finish all your pending/overdue work. :D

(Do any of all this above, then blog about it and let me know. I’ll give you a special handwritten certificate of commendation. :D Except for point#1 of course. :P)

By the time you do this, I’ll already be back, promise. :) Hopeully with the extra pounds lost and a place in a med college. Wish me luck.

Till then, keep on rocking.

Love and peace, universe!

PS: How's the new header pic I created? Was the previous one better?

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Me against the elements

It's been very windy and very rainy here for the past two days. And the weather is deliciously damp and wonderful....adrak-elaichi waali chai, anyone? :D

Cloud break. (The black speck is a leaf carried on the wind.)

The sky always mesmerizes me.

(That white thing is my dupatta being whipped along the wind. And that's my hand trying to pull it away from the front of the lens but guess I didn't do that in time.)

(I clipped this camera cover to the clothesline with my clutcher. Weird inspiration: "Caught by a Butterfly" :D)

So I was trying to catch one of those fickle lightening flashes on the cam and after several missed chances and a lot of oops-there-goes-a-brilliant-photo-op-right-before-my-eyes types moments, I decided there was no point trying to do so. In one last desperate attempt, I said to the heavens : "Look, this is the last time I'm trying for today. There must be a lightening flash just as I press the capture button. And this is a warning."

I pressed the button, and voila! there was lightening. A brilliant hot copper-purple flash that spectacularly split apart the darkness and streaked across the dark ashen sky in a dazzling electric arc. A picture-perfect bolt.

The glitch? It flashed in the direction exactly opposite to where my camera was pointed for supposedly taking a pic of it. :(

Guess the next time I issue warnings to the heavens, it should be with all the necessary conditions attached. :|

I managed to capture just a scintillation.

(All pictures copyright me. Please do not use without permission and/or credits.)

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