Thursday, March 20, 2008

Every darn post does not need a title

So today the 20 day long nightmare that were my Board exams ended. No it did not go as I intended. "Ace the boards" was something that I did in X, two years back, and it has featured on my new year to-do list for the past two years, but in a completely careless loop of procrastination, overestimation and underperformance, I'm far from what I meant to do. And I can never get there. At least not in the Boards.
All I have is consolation that I aced just two of the five exams.

And I'm shamelessly blogging about it. Can't help it. I have to let it out somehow.
I need not be so bitter, I know...but what else are you supposed to feel when something crucial that you had been meaning to do for so long does not come to pass, and all you have to blame is you? It's like, I have this endlessly repeating loop of causes and effects and could-have-beens and should-have-dones that has been running over in my head ever since February 29th and I'm sick of it. Bloody sick.
And I don't know what to do.

Anyways. There's a limit to pointless rants. I'll shut up.

And before I go back to making another fresh new study schedule for myself, hoping against hope it gets completed, I'll just post this tag that Nids wanted me to do.

Here goes:

  • Describe your perfect Sunday morning?

Wake up sinfully late, indulge un-guiltily all day and not have an exam the entire week. (Yeah. I'm obsessed with exams and stuff these days.)
(AND I'm not specifying all the indulgence. :P )

  • Favorite song of all time?
"Dekha Hai Aise Bhi" by Lucky Ali. If not the most, it's at least one of the faves. The lyrics are simple yet magical. And lyrics are always 90% of the reason why I like a particular song.

  • How tall are you?
5"2'. That can hardly be called tall. :(

  • If you could be successful at any job in the world, what would that job be?
Anchoring a travel show. No seriously, if I don't get to do that the universe will be deprived of something really worth it. *blows delicately at her fingernails*

  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Venice. Or Santorini. Or Beverly Hills. Yeah, Beverly Hills. There I could make a dazzling career out of being a gossip columnist if the travel show does not work out. :P

  • If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
I don't know. Vanisha Mittal, maybe. Actually there would be no point in that. That entire day I would probably be thinking about having to be me the next. Question rejected. (IVAN says write "Condoleeza Rice." Duh.)

  • If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
Adrak waali chai. Plus anything else, on demand. Only vegetarian stuff.

  • What is your favorite word?
Serendipity. Any doubts?

  • What makes you cry?
Certain random realizations that come uncalled-for.

  • If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?
A Koala. They sleep so much but nobody complains. :P

  • If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you’ve made, would you?
Oh yeah! Multiple times, actually. And hopefully I won't make fresh mistakes while doing that.

  • Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
Half full. I would prefer full full though.

  • What do you do for fun?
Read books on Advanced Quantum Physics. If you were naive enough to believe me, I should tell you I was kidding. Terrify all ye mortals by throwing hypothetical vases/ pointing hypothetical guns/ thwacking with hypothetical rolled newspapers :P

  • Are you an outdoor or an indoor person?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
In some hostel room downing caffeine and cramming for a test. (Told ya I'm obsessed about exams...)

  • What are you most proud of in your life?
Right now, nothing. Yeah you heard me right.

  • When do you plan on getting married?
Not for quite a long time.

  • Get the number or give the number?
Get the number first. To call or not call, that is the question.

  • Romance or Kinky Sex?
Both. ;)

  • How do you feel?
With the skin. Meissener's corpuscles and End bulbs of Krause and Ruffini, to be specific. But sometimes viscerally too, with the soul.

  • What size shoe do you wear?

  • What is your favorite clothing brand?
No permanent choices. Mango is good. But right now I'm kinda into FabIndia stuff :D

  • Water or 100% Juice?

  • T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cingular/AT&T, or Sprint/Nextel?
BSNL. (Jai Hind!) :D

  • Would you rather be hot or cold?
Cold! Deliciously cold.

  • Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
Agree with Nids. None of these.

  • Favorite Place to Eat?
It varies...

  • Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other?
Concert. Not hard rock.

  • Most Memorable Past?
Moments I've realized that it's wonderful to be in love. With life.

  • Most embarrassing moment?
(You expect me to blurt it out here?? :O)

  • If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
A ritzy orange Lamborghini Superleggera. Or the Lexus hybrid if I'm feeling 'green'.

  • Your favorite Disney Films?
So many of them....I loved all the Princess stuff... :)

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
All living organisms have an inbuilt genetic but environmentally influenced predisposition to go see what's on "the other side". :P In one word: curiosity.

  • Do you support Paris?
Paris which?? Sarko's Paris or that Hotelwaali? :D

  • Where is Waldo?
No idea. Nobody entrusted him to my care.

  • Favorite element?
Platinum. With lots of diamonds thrown in :P

  • What was your last thought?
What must have been the inspiration behind naming it Firefox...? (I'm doing this tag backwards.) :D

  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other?

  • Who are you going to vote for ?
Haven't decided.

  • Juice and crackers or milk and cookies?
Juice and crackers. OJ, to be specific.

  • Which is worse? A bad laugh or a bad cough?
A bad laugh.

  • Are you a cat or a dog person?
I'm not a cat. Or a "dog person". :D But I like animals. and 'feline' sounds better than 'canine'.

  • Would you rather be blind or deaf?
None of these. This is not a question to be asked in the tone of "Would you have coffee or tea?" Wonder who started this tag. *shudder*

  • Define yourself in three four words…
He-ah vi-iya me-ne mmay

(That's an artificial language. Google it up and decipher. Haha, I know how to waste people's time. The meaning in English might be an anticlimax. Maybe you expect something tantalizing. :P)
Awrite. I'll be gracious and tell you what to google up. The language is called Loxian.

  • Do you eat cold cereal at night?
Don't have to, so I don't.

  • What is your favorite TV show?
I don't have favorite shows, but I've liked Heroes, among a few others.

  • Do you shower every single day?
Of course!

  • Boat or bus?
Boat, if available. The question is pointless if you consider option #1 of question #5.

  • What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out?
Say "Wrong number, dude." and run walk off with dignity. :D (No offense, Nids!)

  • What is your favorite food?
Now that's a very naive question. Lemme think...

  • Do you read Harry potter books?
I did.

  • If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
Ability to modify the space-time continuum. :D The ability to switch to any superhuman power as and when I wish. (Come on, that's allowed! :P )

  • Have you had a beer in the last week?
No. Pathetic, yeah?

  • Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

  • Favorite body part?
My own? Eyes.

  • Flip flops or sandals?

  • What do you do on Fridays?
Nothing special. Think about what I wrote in the answer to question #1 maybe.

  • Do you like bananas?
Kind of.

I decide to tag Sparkles, Arti di, Lemonade, Abhi, and Birdy. And you.

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ishmeet said...

At least you are done with your boards. Mine will end on the 31st. In short, pura mahina. The next exam is on the 31st and I know it's not such a big deal but it remains as a burden on the conscience somehow. And then there's damned VITEEE on 19th and AIEEE on 29th. Uske baad Punjab CET and pata nahi aur kitna crap. Chalo, can't do anything about that. Jo bhagwaan ne likha hai, usko toh bhugatna hi padega.

And don't worry about not acing all the exams. I know you've given it prime importance but at the end of the day fact is that itna farak nahi padhta. Thoda padhta hai but you can always work harder later to even things out right? Isliye don't keep any burden on your mind, exams are over, 2-3 din chill maar and then jo karna hai kar.

As for the tag, I have to do this too and I've already written the answers somewhere in Notepad. Some of them are similar to yours. Platinum for one. And I thought nobody would give the Paris waala question that Hilton aunty waala angle. You beat me to that also. *sigh*

Good point however is that you're 5'2 which means I can officially hit on you. :D But then again, there's your H-S-BF waiting to bajaofy me. Bekaar zindagi. :/

Meanwhile, you should listen to this song called "Keh Lene Do" by Agnee if you haven't already. Since you're into lyrics, somehow I think you'll like this one. I can send it to you if you want. Mera to yahi kaam hai. :P

lemonade said...

thanks for tagging me! :)
i really must get around to doing the tags..i'm such a lazy bum! hey and i'm 5'2" too!! wat a coincidence i say!

Abhimanyu said...

First of all..thanx a lot for tagging me..chalo me too free from all this bored...i mean board exams ...abhi competition ke liye ready hona hai..waise yaar it is idiotic ki a wide syllabi difference is there...haina??

Ohhh..exams..freaky thing..but life is indeed an exam...n tum rukna mat n never get tensed ki ab kya hoga n all...u like lucky ali naa..uske har song mein hi life n experiences ka example hai...for example 'dekha hai aise bhi'...but like he says 'hanste hansaate yun sabke...' tum bhi aise hi jiyo...lead lady!!

Sherry,by the way..can u just conform from nids n all..yeh tag shuru kisne kiya (bond..james bond ?:D)...

The Keeper of the Keys said...

congrats on two boards aced and the three survived. well done.

travel show anchor..what a delightful idea.

adrak wali chai!! lol! they make bucketfuls of those here everyday!!

serendipity is a beautiful word. no doubt.

LOL@ how do you feel... btw how come we cant copy-paste et al on ur blog?

LOL@waldo...we've all been wondering ...who is waldo??

yeah feline sounds much better...

and if you must know, i did NOT start this tag.the guy who tagged me got this frm someone's orkut profile. since i dont orkut, i cant say who started this...

ya, wlak off, run off. the point is same. jackie stands no chance. lol-ers

yeah, roguish super-powers. the best.

good one. but you can't tag me. i already did that to you.

vαsudңα said...

Looks like I found another isspeshul creative peoples; I'm absolutely gaga over your template! Pretty. :)

FabIndia rocks, btw. Been wearing FIndia kurtas everyday since two weeks now. :D

Ooh, you can do the travel show anchoring, and I'll pitch in with the cinematography. I was aiming for being in front of the camera, but I've had an epiphany and realized I look better behind it. Since I don't mind anything that lets me travel, and for free at that, shooting it is. :P

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I better rush before I get thwacked by one of your hypothetical rolled newspapers for this inane comment. Toodles!

Sanyukta said...


Oh would be having your IP later..all the best for that.. :) Any AIEEE is on the 27th dude...did you just mistype that? the entrance exam prep and stuff. Bekaar zindagi :/ (Quoting you out of context :P)

Oh. So one of the precious few conclusions that you derived from this post of mine was that you can "officially hit on" me. Okay, point noted. :D

No I never listened to "Keh Lene Do"....I would like to, I guess. Send it to me whenever you have the time. Thanks :)

#Lemonade: I have the Bloggies Best Asian Blogger 2008 bringing those red stilettos of hers to my!
You're 5"2' too?! Coincidence, yeah. And you know what, lately I've come to appreciate not being too tall. A lot many of the very tall women I've met are often pissed off at the fact that they cannot wear high heels without looking ridiculous. So cheers to 5"2' !
Hope to see you doing the tag soon. :)


Tag shuru kisne kiya..donno...facebook has something like this too and so does orkut. try following it backwards from Nids, if you really are that keen upon knowing :D
" Lead, lady?" Thanks and OMG you reminded me of my table top...a pic of which I meant to blog about..double thanks!


Survived..yeah..just that . :( Thanks anyways.
Adrak wali chai was what kept me from dropping off while studying late all these days. So I was feeling a very poignant bout of gratitude for the benevolent beverage.. :D
Can't copy-paste on the blog? Yeah that's because of a no right-click and no select-text script embedded in the html want me to remove that?

Waldo...I reminds me only of Ralph Waldo Emerson :p No wonder ppl call me boring. :D
Yeah, I know you didn't start it...wonder who did.

And riiight. jackie stands no chance at all. period. In a hypothetical situation, if he ever came across this same tag and the responses of most of us girls to this particular question, he would be so darn scared he wouldn't dare ask anyone out for next seven lifetimes. You bet. :D


Hey....great to see you here..thanks for the compliments :)

Cool. So you do the cinematography part then. :D In the end credits we'll put everybody in front of the camera for once. So both your earlier aim and the epiphany will be taken care of :P
Now all we need are sponsors. Let the search begin :P :D

Oh no don't worry I don't thwack isspeshul creative peoples...specially not those who comment with compliments. And among those. specially not those who are ready to do cinematography stuff for my nonexistent travel show. So keep coming back. :D

Peace and love !

ishmeet said...

Yeah, the AIEEE is on the 27th. And no, that wasn't exactly a typo, I thought it was on the 29th. Then I re-read the brochure and realized it was on the 27th. After that, I panicked for 40 seconds and finally realized that it doesn't make much of a difference, I don't stand a real chance anyway.

I did make some other conclusions also, one that you have a nice taste in cars, but the other one was more important from my point of view. :P

I will send Keh Lene Do, don't worry. Did you hear Time of Your Life which I had sent earlier? Somehow I don't remember you telling me that you liked it or not.

And yeah, I'm the only one who gets thwacked by hypothetical rolled newspapers in here. :(

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Yeah, do remove it. i so wanted to quote the parts i liked best.

i thot of Emerson too!! lol! that's why i said he's in his grave.

Sanyukta said...


Come on, why do you always keep saying you don't stand a real chance and all that...? No point already concluding you won't get selected....give it a best shot and then see. Jo hona hai woh toh ho hi jaayega...abhi se tension lee to padhai bhi nahi hogi. :|

Do send that song across whenever you can. are right about Time of Your Life. I'd told you that I have this superslow BSNL dialup connection and it quits whenever I'm in the middle of downloading that attachment. But I'll do it soon. And I guess I'll like it. :)

Don't worry about the rolled-up newspaper. Not just yet. :D :P


Alright, I'll remove that. :)
Hmm..there's no other Waldo that I can think of. Emerson would turn in his grave if he knew that people now remembered him only in relation to a random tag question. :P :D